BUSINESS POWERHOUSE Contributor Guidelines

BUSINESS POWERHOUSE is the leading media platform dedicated to business, finance, investing, insurance, marketing, leadership, e-commerce. We work with the world-class industry’s top experts who share their thoughts and insights to help others and develop their personal brand and increase their reach.  

BUSINESS POWERHOUSE is seeking guest contributors to enhance our relevant content with relevant current, valuable information, problem-solving techniques, and guides. Our content is intended to help our readers make better business decisions. We welcome first-rate guest contributions from experts who want to share their unique perspectives and fit our writing style.

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Article Length

  • We publish articles that range from 2,000 to 4,000 words.
  • Longer article-length gives you more space to present your point of view and makes your article more in-depth, comprehensive, and more useful for readers. 
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Your Articles Cannot Include:

Paid links or mentions: This is a serious violation of our standards. Any editorial coverage given in exchange for compensation of any kind will result in deactivation from our site.

Overly promotional content: The goal of your article is to strengthen your personal brand and build up your credibility as an expert. Our readers expect advice, guides, and tips on how to grow their businesses and don’t like aggressive self-promotion. Don’t promote yourself or your business aggressively. Your article is also not a place to promote other companies. Anything we think is too promotional will be removed.

Plagiarized material: Any attempt of presenting someone else’s work as yours is treated as a validation of these Guidelines terms and will result in account deactivation.

Unidentified financial relationships: We do not recommend writing about anything you have a financial relationship with. When you decide to mention your business, friends, or business partners in your article, you need to disclose the nature of any relationship you have with them in your content. 

Previously published material: Our rule is to not accept articles that were already published. Only 100% new pieces of writing can be approved and published.

Unattributed quotes or information: If you cite some other sources such as statistics or evidence, you must link to them. Stick to credible sources like major publications, industry reports, or research studies, but do not use Wikipedia. We reserve to right to remove any link in your article or add rel=”nofollow” before or after publication

Photos: We only publish images we have rights to so we will provide photos for your article.

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Our Publishing Process

  • When you are ready to be our contributor, we suggest writing 2 or 3 articles per month. You can also write less often, but it needs to be agreed with the editor. 
  • We like to collaborate with writers who are open to feedback.
  • As we need to maintain the editorial standards, we reserve the right to edit all content. We may edit grammar, headlines, length of the articles, or formatting.
  • We give guest authors a chance to review our edits before publishing their article when possible, but we reserve the right to final editorial control.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove content or links for any reason, especially when they are excessively promotional, harmful, offensive, or not well-edited. 
  • When you violate our policies, it may result in the removal of content or your account deactivation.
  • You cannnot republish content from our site on your company or personal site, but you can put there a link to your article on our website.
  • When you submit an article to us, you guarantee that the content has not been published anywhere else online or in print and is original to you, the author.
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Additional Information - Benefits of Guest Articles with BUSINESS POWERHOUSE 

Here are the benefits of providing us with high-quality articles:

  • Promotion of your content on our social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • Exposure to our readers that can be your target audience.
  • Author Bio on the BUSINESS POWERHOUSE website (short and long)
  • Syndication relationships with a wide range of media companies
  • Followed by BUSINESS POWERHOUSE social media accounts

*We don’t pay for guest articles, but we provide various ways how our authors can strengthen their personal branding as experts.  

1. Under each article, we place its author’s byline with short biographical information attached, usually about 400 characters.  This should be a short bio of who you are, what you do, and what your main achievements are. You can add a link to your company or personal website. Your bio should be short and attention-grabbing, but also informative. You can also include the link to your LinkedIn profile. It will be attached to every article that is published on the BUSINESS POWERHOUSE website. 

2. The second place is a separate author’s page with his or her name in the URL. On this page, our authors can provide us with more extensive biographical information about their experience, background, expertise, including links to the articles or books which they have written. 

You can include links to your social media accounts:

  • LinkedIn profile 
  • Twitter profile

You can also describe your experience in more detail and link to your personal or company website.

If it sounds good, we look forward to receiving your submissions. Apply to become our contributor at

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